Livet etter USA

Packages from the U.S.

So far I've been blogging in Norwegian, because, well I'm Norwegian after all. But this time I wanna blog in English so that everyone would be able to read it if they want.

This week have been very busy. At school we just finished making a documentary about bus drivers. We had about 8 weeks to do it, but of course we did most of it this last week. All the editing, voice over, and adding music to it. It'll be interesting to see what grade we get...

After such a busy week, what can be better than finding not one, but two packages in the mail from the U.S. of A.? If I'd known this, I would have gotten up earlier this morning. Promise! Or maybe that would just seem to make my day even longer.

Takk mamma, for at du sendt pakken videre til Bodø :)

I already knew what was gonna be in the first package, since I ordered it, but It was still kinda exciting. It was two wristbands from Green Day Authority. One saying "Rage" and the other one "Love".They're pretty awesome, right?

The second package was more of a surprise. I knew that it would come soon, but I didn't know what would be in it.. The easiest way to tell you guys would be to show you pictures. Also, maybe you'd like to know that it came from the amazing host family that i lived with last year. My American family. I haven't yet found any words to describe how thankful I am that I got to spend the year with them.

So here's what was in the package:

A really cute post card with a picture of a Golden Retriever. Did I mention that they have two of them? Honey and Jessie... I miss you all of you!

There was also three eos lip balms. I'm addicted to them and they noticed. It's also a lot cheaper to buy them over there, than here.

A pair of wolf ear rings, which are adorable! :)

Did you know that they have one coin/quarter for each state in the USA? They're normal quarters (1/4 dollar) and have the same back side, but are different on the front. (Just google "State quarters" if you wanna know more abouth them.) I thought this was so cool that I just had to collect them while I were there, but I weren't able to collect them all, so my family sent me a few more!

Here is everything that was in the package. The last thing on the right is BTW a hair extension. Another thing I started while I were in the States. To wear hair extensions in every possible color.

It was a shame to tear the quarters off the paper that they were placed on, but I had to know what was on the front side! So here they are. I got the states Washington, Virginia, Mississippi, Iowa, Nevada, California and Maine. For the American Samoa(American territory) and the two national parks Hot Springs and Olympic.

Thank you so much mom, dad, Keri and Grandma! It definetly made my day!

And thanks to everyone else who might happen to read this!

I promised that I will upgrade this blog, and I will. I definetly need a new header, since it's about four months since I left Eagle... That's kind of a sad thought. But I'm definelty coming back! ASAP.

Bye for this time!


Long time...

Nå er det bare alt for lenge siden jeg har blogget og så mye har skjedd siden sist! Jeg dro til Hawaii btw. Jeg dro også til Las Vegas og Grand Canyon og hadde det helt fantastisk de siste månedene jeg var der! Kanskje lett å forstå at jeg ikke hadde lyst til å dra tilbake til Norge i juni, men det har faktisk vært ganske bra å komme tilbake også :)

Kan hende jeg skriver mer om oppholdet mitt i USA og legger ut noen flere bilder. Grunnen til at jeg ikke gjorde det i USA, vel for det første har jeg enda ikke lagt ut bilder av alt på facebook enda, og nettilkoblingen var ikke den beste der jeg bodde så ting tok sin tid.

Nå går jeg MK3. Jeg har fått utallige spørsmål om hvordan jeg fikk året i USA godtatt uten å gå allmenn/studiespess her i Norge. Det var egentlig ganske greit, fordi rådgiverne på skolen jeg gikk førsteåret, og rådgiveren på skolen jeg går nå har vært veldig snille. Jeg tok noen mediefag i USA og alt jeg trenger nå er å ta samfunnsfag som privatist, så er jeg ferdig med det.

Framover skal jeg helt klart pusse opp bloggen min og bytte ut noen gamle bilder... Så hvem vet, kanskje jeg begynner med blogging mer ofte igjen. Hvis dere vil lese da!

The day I had to say too many good byes... but at least there's all the pictures and memories left :)

Til neste gang!




19, Bodø

Marte her. Har vært et på utveksling i USA i fjor og det var amazing! Nå er jeg tilbake i Norge og bor på hybel, i et forsøk på å bli litt selvstendig. Tiden vil vise hvordan det går! Om du har noen spørsmål er det bare å legge igjen en kommentar eller sende epost på :) leser denne bloggen NÅ

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